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Graham McDonald, March 24 2019


The word “budget” originally meant “a leather bag, knapsack”. Money was kept in it, so it was a wallet of sorts. It has the same root as the word “bulge”. 

This congregation has demonstrated a remarkable spirit when it comes to giving. Faith is at the heart of it, and God is able to help us with any need we may have. Truth be told, financial and material issues are a doddle for Him.

Not so for us though. We have to get our head into faith mode every time there is an opportunity to give. We may purpose in our hearts to give every week. We may see a need that is immediate. We may try and figure out what is needed for down the road. Yet for all that, it always comes back to faith. The material needs to be governed by faith. As the new budget is considered, first consider where your faith is. Do that, and the budget can be achieved.

Written by

Graham McDonald

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