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Graham McDonald, April 21 2019

Easter Sunday

Call it Passover, call it Easter Sunday: that doesn’t really matter. What does matter is what it means: HE IS RISEN!

What a story the apostles and other disciples had when they began preaching the gospel: HE IS RISEN!

Those two guys on the road to Emmaus talked with Jesus without realising it was Him and their hearts burned within them. Why? Because…HE IS RISEN!

Mary Magdalene with other women was the first to see their Master after His death because…HE IS RISEN!

Governors and kings would quake in their boots upon hearing the incredible news…HE IS RISEN!

HE IS RISEN! is more than just a statement of faith: it is an assurance that He will return and judge the world. Are you ready for that day?

Yes, that’s what Easter Sunday/Passover is about…HE IS RISEN! In fact, that’s what every Sunday is about!!

Written by

Graham McDonald

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