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Graham McDonald, March 31 2019


“The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.” The influence of a godly mother is not to be overestimated. She creates life within her, nurtures that life, and never loses that connections with the child she has borne and loved.

Mothers are significant characters in the Bible narrative. Eve was the mother of all living. Sarah was the mother of the child of promise. Jochebed risked everything to save her son from the crocodiles. Mary faced humiliation as the chosen vessel for God’s only begotten Son, and instead, was called blessed by all generations.

A mother is to be loved and appreciated. She gives life and she deserves honour. Mothers too need to honour their elevated status. They have been entrusted by God with the care and nurture of a soul He has created. Yes, mothers are amazing!

Written by

Graham McDonald

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